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About us

SOFMEDICA was established in Bucharest in 1994 aiming to open new ways in the Romanian healthcare system by providing the best worldwide-available medical technology and biotechnology products destined for Dialysis, Cancer treatment, Surgery, Intensive Care and Imaging.

Based on the one hand on partnerships with renowned healthcare corporations such as Baxter International, Edwards Lifesciences, Amgen and Intuitive Surgical and on the other hand on a continuously specialized team and a Quality System certified by TUV, SOFMEDICA takes pride in having contributed to the raising of the standards of therapies offered in Romania.

The introduction of the HomeChoice Peritoneal Dialysis, the initiation of the 1st Artificial Heart Program and the installation of the 1st da Vinci Robotic Surgery System in the area are some of the major accomplishments of the company during the last 14 years.

Bridging continuously the gap between the latest outcomes of the international healthcare industry’s R&D and the Romanian healthcare system by making those products and therapies available to as many patients as possible in Romania is the mission of the company for the years to come.

Our vision

Bridging continuously the gap between the latest outcomes of the industry’s R&D and the healthcare systems of Southeast Europe by making the best therapies available to the most remote patient in the area is what keeps us in motion.


Our worldwide collaboration ensures best products for our patients.

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